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With the enhancements made to the MAY 2023 models, the Red Dark Edition of the Safari already has an excellent foundation upon which it can develop.

Tata is famous of the special editions. There is always something on offer if you would like to stand out from the crowd, including the Adventure edition to the Kaziranga to the Jet and the Gold editions. And now a new one is currently in town. This special edition, that is based on the Dark edition that we already know, promises to stand out from the multiplicity of additional special editions with the way it looks and the things it gives. Let’s explore what’s unique and new.

More Than Are Clearly

Red & Dark

This Red Dark Edition looks at first glance to be the normal Safari Dark edition, that really is the case. But once you go closer, you’ll observe the special small includes that render it special. This time around, everything is blacked out, including the “Tata” badge. Also, the tri-arrow grille’s red insert, the red callipers, and the red-finished fenders’ badging clearly shine up.

The Safari was already an attractive car with design elements that attracted focus. Furthermore, the Red Dark further improves the package’s looks by providing it a fashionably explored look thanks to its inclusion of red phrases, build on the Dark edition’s appeal by making it look meaner and sportier. Yet, until you get a look inside, you won’t really be able to tell it different from the standard Dark version if they’re on the road.

If you’re blessed with it, flaunt it.

Red & Dark

However, while the variances might not be obvious from the outside, you quickly recognize that the Red Dark Edition appears distinct on the inside. The seat upholstery’s heavy usage of dark and the quilting’s incredibly smooth diamond-shaped design were the first elements you’re sure to notice.

The door handles and middle console has red splotches. These are enhanced by the red ambient lighting in the door handles and the extremely fashionable sunroof. But considering that the dashboard continues to be the same Steel Black color as the Dark editions, we do wish that some love had been shown for it as well. The interior’s bright red and black color combination might be attractive to some, but those looking subtlety should avoid it.

But the new screens, with the infotainment system expanding to 10.25 inches and the driver’s cockpit being upgraded to a seven-inch fully digital display, are where the dash got some love. Yet, both of these are featured with the regular MAY 2023 Safari, therefore they’re in addition accessible with the Red Dark edition.

There is a lot more functionality offered by this new screen, which is definitely one of the highlights of the car. The screen is quicker than the one before it, and the resolution is clear. Although there are now just a few widget modification choices accessible, additional features like TPMS and drive information might be added in the future. There is a lot more information available on the display, including the air quality index. Although there are separate controls for it and they are much simpler to use in comparison, you can also control the air conditioning through the screen.

Wireless The music system is amazing, and syncing to Apple Car Play and Android Auto is simple. But missing of a way to adjust the volume is one thing that takes away from the experience. It can be inconvenient for a passenger, especially when journeying, to have to manually control the volume after pressing the speaker button on the screen to change the volume.

However, it does behave strangely in that its response is sometimes delayed and the screen lags and proceeding between Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and its standard interface. In addition, the screen shows activity equivalent to an unstable teenager who fails to get out of bed after startup, but these problems can be resolved with an immediate software update.

The 360-degree camera

Tata Safari

Given that this is by far not a small car, using the 360-degree camera is an excellent benefit that makes driving the vehicle in tight situations a lot easier. The feed’s quality is acceptable, and you can play with the different angles, including front, back, and side. Different modes, such as the 2D and 3D displays of the vehicle, which function as forecast, further improve its functionality.

Additionally an enjoyable participation is the new seven-inch digital driver’s display. There are three distinct design options that you may choose from using the steering-wheel controls: digital view, dial view, and a minimum view. This cockpit additionally offers a variety of features and connects data including trip information, Tyre pressure monitoring, instantaneous power and torque outputs, and even the G-forces you are pulling.

The Red Dark Safari is loaded to the intestines, being offered in the top-spec XZ+, XZA+, and XZA+ (O) trims. Apart to the aforementioned screens, there are also the four-way powered passenger seat with Boss mode and a six-way powered driver seat with memory. The latter permits you to move the passenger seat autonomously of those around you, but it can shortly turn into a gimmick for those in the seats behind you. Is it realistic or not.

The full feature list for the Safari Red Dark is as listed below:


Yes, the MAY 2023 and Red Dark Safari both have ADAS features that can be accessed through the new screen. Although there isn’t an extensive suite, there are still 10 features accessible, including:

warning of an upcoming front and rear collision

  • Blind space tracking
  • Emergency automated braking
  • Warning for lane variation

Among these, the autonomous braking system, which automatically brakes for you if the system detects a likely collision in front of the vehicle, is a very helpful function to have. Something to consider is that the blind spot cameras activate whenever you signal while traversing to either of the sides, which causes them to show the feed of the specific side and alert you if a car is nearby.

If the visual support fails to prompt you to take action right away you may allow the functions to either simply notify you via a hearing aid or to interfere. These systems can be fully disabled, but you’ll need to do it every time you restart the car since the system constantly resumes to its first settings.


However, it needs to be recognised that there are two major errors here: adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist. The latter actually helps you maintain your current lane by interfering if you turn off the path, compared to most current features, which just pop an alert on the digital screen and fail to actually flexibility the car back to the lane.

In summary, it fails to take out some of the vehicle’s most attractive ADAS abilities, which seems like something of a large mistake considering how wonderful a highway road trip machine the Safari is. However, the things it includes function exactly as you would anticipate them to.


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