The Tata Punch arrives with a 1.2L regular petrol engine and an AMT automated transmission. A 1.2L normal petrol engine with a manual and a 5-speed AMT automatic transmission will also be available for the Hyundai Exter.

Regarding the specifications, the Punch is likely to have 3PS greater power while the Exter might have 1Nm more torque. The two automobiles appear to be about equal in terms of fuel efficiency, with just minor exceptions in mileage estimates.

The total number of cylinders and the highest torque RPM are two points of interest. A 4-cylinder engine will power the Exter in 2023. Compared to 3 cylinder engines, these are more balanced naturally and feel smoother to drive. The Tata Punch, on the other hand, offers 113Nm of torque, which peaks at a lower 3300rpm and should aid in better drivability both in the city and on the highways.

Punch Vs Exter

Punch Vs Exter

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